Terms and Conditions of Membership

Conditions of Membership

  • I understand and agree to abide by the Rules of the CRC Constitution available here or hard copy at CRC office
  • Register your visit with SafeWA app or manual register.
  • Use the CRC and its equipment as directed by the Manager. If you are not familiar with the equipment or programs, please ask a staff member.
  • Food and drink may not be consumed near the computers or equipment.
  • If problems occur with the equipment or software, then please notify a staff member.
  • Copyright laws prohibit copying of software from the CRC, and likewise the installing of programs not owned by the CRC is prohibited.
  • Ensure that when you have finished on your workstation that the machine is shut down in the correct manner, if unsure ask a staff member.
  • Respect other members and users of the CRC so as not to disadvantage their use.
  • Members are not to book up any expenses they incur.
  • Do not download pornographic or offensive material from the Internet.  It is illegal.
  • The CRC facilities ie. Fax, email are prohibited from being used for sending abusive or threatening documents.
  • Any grievance of these conditions can be made in writing to the Manager who will investigate and respond within 21 days.
  • The CRC Management Committee reserves the right to alter the Conditions of Membership and withdraw or change any of the services and equipment.  Notice of such change will be via the notice board within the CRC.
  • A parent or responsible adult must supervise all children less than 18 years.  Parents are responsible for the information that their children access on the Internet.  The Augusta CRC cannot be held accountable.